Good afternoon!

I am intrigued by all of the recent articles in the news about art forgeries. I decided to write a short post to share today’s piece in the New York Times titled, “Forging an Art Market in China.”

Even as the art world marvels at China’s booming market, a six-month review by The New York Times found that many of the sales — transactions reported to have produced as much as a third of the country’s auction revenue in recent years — did not actually take place.

Just as problematic, the market is flooded with forgeries, often mass-produced, and has become a breeding ground for corruption, as business executives curry favor with officials by bribing them with art.”

Consider the impact of China’s culture on the nature of the forgeries. In contrast to the demand for contemporary art in the West, Chinese buyers tend to seek traditional art. Given that Chinese artists are trained to imitate the work of old Chinese masters, they are well-equipped to create forgeries.