Hi Art Xplorers,

Have you heard of The Keep A Breast Foundation? KAP is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. The foundation fosters breast cancer prevention through, art, education, awareness and action.

More than ten years ago, the founders of KAB, were eager to support a friend with breast cancer in a non-traditional way. They developed a technique for creating a cast of the female bust using plaster. Once the cast was created, it was used as a canvas by artists. Today, there are multiple lines of KAB Casts. Check out a few casts below. They are truly unbelievable! The breast casts are “conversation starters, awareness builders and fundraising tools.” (Even better, the KAB project led to the formation of the foundation itself.)




Emma Keeling
by Kazuki Takamatsu



Gerlinde Jaenicke
by Mimi S.

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