Corruption in the Chinese art market

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I am intrigued by all of the recent articles in the news about art forgeries. I decided to write a short post to share today’s piece in the New York Times titled, “Forging an Art Market in China.”

Even as the art world marvels at China’s booming market, a six-month review by The New York Times found that many of the sales — transactions reported to have produced as much as a third of the country’s auction revenue in recent years — did not actually take place.

Just as problematic, the market is flooded with forgeries, often mass-produced, and has become a breeding ground for corruption, as business executives curry favor with officials by bribing them with art.”

Consider the impact of China’s culture on the nature of the forgeries. In contrast to the demand for contemporary art in the West, Chinese buyers tend to seek traditional art. Given that Chinese artists are trained to imitate the work of old Chinese masters, they are well-equipped to create forgeries.




Keep a Breast: Breast Cancer Prevention through Art

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Have you heard of The Keep A Breast Foundation? KAP is the leading youth-focused, global, nonprofit breast cancer organization. The foundation fosters breast cancer prevention through, art, education, awareness and action.

More than ten years ago, the founders of KAB, were eager to support a friend with breast cancer in a non-traditional way. They developed a technique for creating a cast of the female bust using plaster. Once the cast was created, it was used as a canvas by artists. Today, there are multiple lines of KAB Casts. Check out a few casts below. They are truly unbelievable! The breast casts are “conversation starters, awareness builders and fundraising tools.” (Even better, the KAB project led to the formation of the foundation itself.)




Emma Keeling
by Kazuki Takamatsu



Gerlinde Jaenicke
by Mimi S.

View even more casts here

Sassy and Sophisticated

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It is Sunday! I love Sundays.  I usually keep the afternoons free to do some cooking. I have been trying a lot of different recipes and I am really enjoying it. I like experimenting with new ingredients and techniques. It is relaxing and I like that I get to create a tangible product. This morning, I was thinking about how creative cooking can be. Once you get the basics down, you can start playing with exciting flavor combinations and then focus on the color and presentation. I mean after all, we eat with our eyes. Picture those chocolate truffles with an inviting salted caramel swirl, fluffy blueberry muffins sprinkled with brown sugar, or an entirely green salad with vibrant spinach topped with edamame, cucumbers and broccoli. Gorgeous!

While my mind is clearly focused on food, I am actually writing to share some interior design photos. This morning, Home Adore, shared some eclectic interior design. “Eclectic design is a mixture of different decorating styles. It can also be a blend of different cultures and time periods.” Just like a well made dish, these rooms take the best of everything and fuse them into one cohesive look. They are both sassy and sophisticated. A great philosophy to take with you while cooking dinner or redecorating your bedroom. Check out a few of the images below and go to Home Adore to view the others.

037-eclectic-interiors 031-eclectic-interiors 029-eclectic-interiors 022-eclectic-interiors 018-eclectic-interiors 015-eclectic-interiors 009-eclectic-interiors 001-eclectic-interiors