Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the inconsistent posts lately. I have been enjoying the flexibility that summer allows me therefore my schedule has not been very regulated. I plan to continue in this free spirited mindset until September šŸ˜‰ I hope you are doing the same.

And with that, I would like to provide you with a random assortment of artistic topics that I have been pondering.

First, let’s go local! Right now, I am planning an event in which I have been able to hire a local vendor. I love being able to help local business. The vendor is an ice-cream sandwich distributor called, MilkCultDC. The owners deliver ice cream sandwiches in delectable flavors (like Salter Butter Caramel and Buttermilk Lemon Zest) from the sidecar of their motorcycle. So cool right!

ice cream

While reading about Milkcult, I found a new website that I will surely use over and over, Scoutmob. On Scoutmob, you can read articles on independent makers in your city, learn about their upcoming events and take advantage of special deals. Bookmark the page now! How can you afford not to?

Billy Collings

And moving on to my second order of business…the evolution of art. This morning, my uncle sent me a TED talk, Everyday moments, caught in time. During the talk, poet, Billy Collins, shows clips of his poetry accompanied by animated films. What a fantastic way to bring poetry into the next century. This got me thinking, how will other art forms evolve? Will they evolve or die out. For example, I have posted before about my love of handmade cards. I love cards and handwritten letters and beautiful pens…the list goes on. Will handmade cards and handwritten letters become a novelty, an artistic form of expression, or will the practice become obsolete? Check out the video and let me know what art form you fear will be lost? (I know that my friend Erik’s answer would be screen printing.)

Lastly, I would like to add some updates on the artist I met recently and mobile we are considering for my building but I have run out of time. More to come soon! Have a great week everyone. Keep it creative.