Hi Everyone,

I work in a gorgeous building designed by William McDonough. The building is very open and airy with large windows and high ceilings. The signature space in the building is definitely our main atrium.


I know what you are all thinking. It is a beautiful space but where is the art? Me too! On Monday, the school’s Facilities Director and I spoke with the Chief Preparator and Registrar for the Katzen Art Gallery to get some ideas for the atrium. We would like to install some sort of mobile. During our conversation, a few local DC artists were mentioned for their mobiles or large sculptures.

Kendall Buster


John Dreyfus

dreyfusDreyfus2Kendall Buster and John Dreyfus are just two of the artists that came up in discussion. It is amazing how their pieces change the entire mood of a space.

A group of local artists will be sending us a proposal for the atrium within the next few weeks. They are alumni of the school so we really hope that we like their piece. I will keep you updated!