Everyone has one or two things that are on their “essential items” list. For example, my brother can justify any amount of money spent on a book (borrowing from the library is an absurd proposition). Food, shelter, gas…. books. According to him, these are all items that you need to live. My weakness is coffee (specifically Starbucks). I am convinced that a venti chai latte is a need and a justifiable part of my monthly budget. Where am I going with this? Well, recently I discovered that I have a new item to add to my splurge list, cards.

Yes, cards. Papyrus has become one of my favorite stores because their cards are tiny works of art. They are so beautiful that I can no longer stand to purchase a card in the isles of CVS or Rite Aid. The artistic value of these cards compensates for the cost. And I find that I will often opt to skip a gift and find a gorgeous card instead.

Here is a photo of a card that I bought today for Mother’s Day. Isn’t it lovely? The flowers in the basket are small cutouts that jump out of the photo.papyrus

My enthusiasm for this recent purchase has me wondering why I do not make my own cards? I have made cards in the past, but I never spent the time to create true works of art. I think it is something that I would really like to do. Take a look at some of the amazing cards that I found below. Wouldn’t you be flattered to receive one?



growing pea



Janine Tinklenberg