Last week, I was working in San Francisco which allowed me the opportunity to enjoy a meal with my aunt and uncle that live in California. We met for an early breakfast at Urban Tavern in the Hilton Union Square Hotel. I immediately noted the fun atmosphere of the restaurant which incorporated sleek lighting and a lot of gorgeous wood paneling. I later learned later that all of the decor is made from reclaimed materials including the tavern’s full size horse sculpture that sits in the center of the restaurant. You can view the horse watching over the dining room in the photo below.

urban tavern horseThis intriguing horse was created by artist, Doug Owen. Owen constructed a line of life-size horses made from materials that he and his wife find in “ditches, abandoned lots, and old farmsteads.”

Doug OwenOwen’s online portfolio displays photographs of his sculptures “roaming” fields or lying in front of the beautiful cliffs of South Dakota.


The video below shows Owen at work and exhibits a number of his sculptures.

I would love to own one of these mystical horses. Maybe someday I will have a home large enough to house one. Where would you place your horse? In the living room? Kitchen? Or maybe the garden?