sign painters logoLast Saturday was a fun day. My friends, Amy and Erik, met me for brunch at Luna Bar & Grill in Dupont Circle. The restaurant was packed but we were still able to gain a table quickly. I definitely recommend Luna. The atmosphere is fanciful and fun and the food was great.

After brunch, we mosied over to Starbucks to grab coffee to drink during our walk downtown to the Renwick Gallery. We went to see the 2 o’clock screening of Sign Painters. Check out the trailer below.

I really enjoyed the documentary because it was based around a theme that I care about— the gradual extinction of craftsmanship due to the advancement of technology. The filmmakers, Faythe Levin and Sam Macon, interviewed over one dozen sign painters to learn how they got started in the business and why they keep going despite the dissolving customer base. Watching these painters at work was beautiful. Their calculated designs were expressed with ease through the use of swift brushstrokes and eloquent lines. Free-hand lettering, gold leaf stencil, illustration and design…  I guarantee that once you have seen this film you will never look at a sign in the same way. A hand-painted sign IS NOT a printed vinyl sign. It is the product of a craftsman, a work of art. All afternoon, Amy and Erik and I searched for hand-painted designs along the streets of downtown DC. I do not think the three of us will view a sign in the same way as we did before film and we will certainly never miss a hand-painted sign.

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