Hi Art Explorers,

Today’s featured artist is Paul Villinski. Villinski creates sculptures from discarded materials such as beer cans and old work gloves. I just discovered Villinki’s work this week and I am intrigued. The playful, dreamlike, nature of his pieces remind me of one of my favorite artists, Ethan Murrow.  They have that quality that makes you feel like a kid again. With each piece, Villinski seems to say, “just imagine.”

I have included three pieces of Villinski’s work below. If you have the time, check out his website and read the stories that accompany his works. It will be worth your time. But, before you begin exploring Villinski’s art.  I would like to mention that I am taking another class in American University’s Arts Management program this semester. The course is titled, International Cultural Management, and I will start on Wednesday of next week.  Our class will be examining the manner in which global trends affect local arts organizations. We will be asked to assess the relationship between the economic, political, and social issues affecting the world and day-to-day cultural management. I am very excited to get started and share our class discussions and findings with all of you.

Have a great week and happy exploring!

Paul Villinski


“Rise”-electric guitar, aluminum (Found cans), wire


Lift“Lift”-found work gloves, belts, handstitching, steel armature


Yes“Yes”-aluminum (found cans), wire, Flashe, wood