Xploration: Back on Track

Dear Art Xplorers,

You may have noticed that the sign-off to my last post,”More blogging on creative adventures to come soon,” was a complete lie. I disappeared from the blogosphere and I have not posted since.

I was promoted in May of 2012 and I have been busy learning my new duties as both the event coordinator for the School of International Service and program manager for the Bridging the Gap Project.  The position has allowed me to flex my creative muscles in a variety of new ways. I learned to use photoshop, built a webpage, organized everything from small art exhibits to giant election night parties, hired and managed two student employees and gained a world of knowledge on the importance of marketing and communication in relation to events. I still have so much to learn but it has been a great start.

The creativity that I am allowed to exercise at work keeps me motivated and eager to do more. Additionally, there have been numerous opportunities for artXploration.  Last month, I coordinated a reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Canada. (The embassy is absolutely gorgeous. If you every have the chance to view one of the top floor rooms, I highly recommend it.) While I was waiting for guests to arrive, Deena Horton, the Minister for Congressional, Public, and Intergovernmental Affairs, showed me one of the embassy’s art collections. I mentioned to her that my favorite piece was in the reception room. When we walked over to view the work, she told me that she had picked it out! The piece is by a Canadian artist named Dominique Gaucher. I was unable to find the piece on the internet but you can see it hanging in the background of this photo.

The painting focuses on four men in red snow suits with an assortment of tools (ice pick, shovel, etc). They are actively working to break a mass of ice. As you examine the painting– the rich colors of the snow suits and the movement of the larger-than-life characters–you will suddenly realize that the environment of the men does not make sense. The men are chiseling a piece of ice  in the middle of a normal living room.

The unique environment that Gaucher creates for his characters is what makes his paintings magical. I have attached another piece by Gaucher called Entrance at the Museum. You will first notice two men scaling an ice wall.  But wait….they are climbing the walls of a stairwell. Cool right? How freaking cool?! What an imagination? And of course the detail and color of each piece is remarkable.

Deena said that not everyone in the embassy was keen on the contemporary piece. I am glad Deena stuck to her choice. I think Gaucher is one of my new favorites. I hope Gaucher becomes one of your favorites (or at least forces your to view your surroundings differently the next time you enter a main stairwell).

Entrance to the Museum

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