Hi everyone, I am a little behind on posting. Right now, class is less about learning the theories of curating and more about trial and error. We are in the midst of exhibition preparations (it is one month away!). Loan agreements, shipping costs, press releases, invitations, ….the list goes on.

Like.Comment.Share is the theme that we have chosen for our show. The title  mimics the comment options on your Facebook page because the exhibition is meant to make a statement about social media and its impact on the distribution of art. Many of my classmates and I discovered our artist for the show, through art blogs, twitter feeds, or other forms of social media. Technology is changing the way we are exposed to art–how we share it, distribute it, and comment on it. When you enter our art exhibition, we will ask you to keep your smartphone out. Comment on the artists through twitter or on our webpage. Check the show’s pinterest boards that feature additional works by each artist. Share your favorite artist with your friends on Facebook. Like it. Comment on it. Share it. 

What do you think? I am pretty jazzed about it. I think the exhibition is going to be a lot of fun. Our various social media pages are still under construction but be sure to take a peek if you are interested.

Facebook     Website   Twitter Name: LCSArtShow                                         Pinterest Name: Like.Comment.Share