Everybody has heard the saying, “there are too many cooks in the kitchen.” This week, I learned that there can be too many curators in the museum.  I am in a class of 18 students that are working together to create 1 exhibition with a very limited amount of space and a deadline of April 28th. Mission Extremely Difficult. The main problem is that until now, we have not been working together. Almost every one of us found an artist, convinced the artist to participate in the exhibition, and wrote a proposal. Go us! We are awesome!

We are awesome and we were feeling pretty good until….we were asked to climb down from the clouds and look at the facts. 1. We have a budget of $5000 (Yes, only $5000. Press materials, invitations, shipping, wall labels, etc. We have to make it happen with $5000). 2. We each get 15 feet of wall space. (If your artist creates massive murals then you better start negotiating with your classmates.) 3. Loan agreements must be finalized and signed in 3 weeks. And 4. A show with 18 different artists is not a show–it is a yard sale. What can we cut?

We all decided to stay after class and discuss our artists and our vision for the exhibition. Many of us (myself included) grew disappointed as we realized that we may not be able to exhibit our artist in the show, but we were able to create a plan of action. By next week, everyone will finalize an image list of their artist’s work and present a solidified budget for the cost of that portion of the exhibition.

The artist I am presenting is Ethan Murrow (I posted some of his work on February 2, 2012). His works look like black and white photographs, but they are actually intricate graphite drawings on paper.

I have attached two of Murrow’s works below. The first is from Murrow’s collection called, Zero Sum Pilot Series, which is about a man that is determined to fly but taking all of the wrong steps to get there. The other is from the collection, Doppler Doppleganger. The characters in this collection are on an endless quest to find their doppleganger. Wether or not Ethan is included in the show, I plan on getting to NY or Boston to see some of his amazing work.













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