Murrow’s faux photos depict events that never happened. “He creates these fantasies about explorations that have gone amok,” says Winston-Levitan.

“I’m influenced by Michel Fournier, the French balloonist who goes twenty-five miles up to the stratosphere and parachutes down,” says Murrow. Murrow spent almost $20 million on three failed attempts at the same. “I admire the spunk and hardheadedness it takes. I’m interested in the delicate balance between failure and success.”

-Tim Appelo, November 10, 2010: City Arts Magazine

Sled is responsive, soft landing in doubt

Will be snaring meteorites and see infinite possibility controlled

Go forth and make them buy it

Best way to protect your garden from goddam crows? Hire a marionette

Miscues, poor signaling and improper use of the target by Pierpont and Chanute
all doomed the landing