I first heard of Daniel Simon during a Disney Channel interview–of all places. He was describing his latest project designing the light bikes in the Tron Legacy Movie. (Watch the interview at the link or check out the youtube video that I have pasted below to learn about Daniel’s creative process and view some of his sketches.) After watching the interview, I was intrigued by Daniel’s imagination and wanted to  learn more about his creations and how he achieved a career designing vehicles for the movies.

Wikiepedia defines Daniel Simon best as a “German concept designer and automotive futurist.” Simon studied Vehicle Design at the University of Applied Science in northern Germany and began his career designing cars for Volkswagen. In 2005, he founded  his own design consultancy called Daniel Simon Studio and now offers his services to major automotive industries and movie studios. Have you seen the fantastic vehicles in Captain America? Yup, Daniel Simon. I don’t rave about the movie, but the 40’s-style vehicles were nothing short of amazing. He also designs vehicles for Cosmic Motors, a fantasy vehicle manufacturer.

I pasted a few of Daniel’s creations below. I hope you are as intrigued by Simon’s designs as I am. How can one person have such an expansive imagination?!

Tron Legacy

Captain American

Cosmic Motors