The holidays are here and so are all of the sweets. The gingerbread cookies, the candy canes, the hot cocoa… the list goes on.  I love flipping through the holiday recipe pages of Food & Wine or Home Cooking magazine and contemplating all of the possibilities. Unfortunately, “contemplating” is the key word.  Do I use any of the recipes? Of course not. I have come to realize that the images of the food are the real reason that I like the magazines. I only peruse recipes that have accompanying photographs. I admire the careful layering of a Reuben sandwich, the gorgeous strokes of icing on an angel food cake, or the perfect drizzle of gravy over a cloud of mashed potatoes. Each dish is a work of art.

I recently came across Lara Ferroni’s blog of tasty recipes and photos. Rather than simply listing recipes, Lara tells the story of each meal or dessert with stunning photography and thoughtful anecdotes. I am struck by the emotion of each post. As a reader, I can feel the comfort of the peanut butter pie that Lara baked while mourning the death of a friend or the triumph she experienced after creating a new doughnut recipe. Lara may even inspire me to try baking some cookies in my archaic oven. Take a look at her blog. I am sure she will inspire you too.