The semester has come to an end and so has my course on Cultural Leadership. I will be handing-in the executive summary of my project on Tuesday which details my discoveries this semester and their appearances in my blog. I have really enjoyed blogging and exploring the topics raised in class. In fact, I have enjoyed blogging so much that I plan to continue. Next semester I will be taking a class on curatorial practices with Jack Rasmussen, the director and curator of the Katzen Arts Museum (mentioned in the post, What is cultural leadership?). Starting mid-January, I plan to blog about my experiences and findings in the curatorial class. In the meantime, I will continue artXploration in my own right but will likely decrease my posting to 2 or 3 times a week rather than daily. I will experiment with my posting patterns. I guess it depends on my creative process 😉

Thanks so much for reading! Below I have pasted a few art pieces byJacob Gagnon (another artist with imagination that I truly envy). Be sure to go to his webpage and check out the full gallery.