The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg is well-known for its extensive collection of Warhol art work. 900 paintings, 100 sculptures, 4000 photographs, 200 works on paper….the list goes on. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time to swing over to Pennsylvania for the weekend. Well, now we don’t have too. Toura is a young company that is helping art museums bring their exhibits right to your phone.

Toura generated an app that allows users to explore museum exhibits in the palm of their hand. The phone tours can include artworks, archival materials, video clips, audio, letters, and more. Museum goers are encouraged to use the app as an accompaniment to their visits. Meanwhile, those unable to attend the museums can gain a wealth of knowledge through the phone tour alone.

The Art Insitute of Chicago, the Smithsonian Institute, and the Royal Academy of Art in London are a few of the many museums that are signing up to use the app. (All Toura clients are listed here. Scroll down to view video testimonials.) Toura is another example of where art, business, and technology collide.