As I have stated in previous posts, I began this blog as a project for a course that I am taking called, Cultural Leadership. On the first day of the course we were asked, “What exactly is cultural leadership?” Over the past few weeks, I had the unique opportunity to interview three cultural leaders within the arts sector and to develop my answer to that question. The three cultural leaders that I chose to interview were Jack Rasmussen, director and curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center, Monica Jeffries Hazangeles, new president of the Strathmore, and Barbara Meade, former owner of Politics and Prose Bookstore. I learned about the distinct roles of each individual within their organization while enhancing my definition of a cultural leader through the common themes that arose from the three interviews. The main themes that crossed all three interviews were the importance of fundraising and a solid business plan, effective communication, empowerment of staff, knowing the customer, and passion.

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Jack Rasmussen


 Barbara Meade (left) and her partner Carla

Monica Jeffries Hazangeles