Can we really create something wholly unique?

The following work titled, I Know That Look, is by artist Mitch McGee. It is one of the many works within his Birch collection. Mitch developed a design for the piece and then cut, sanded and stained sheets of plywood before layering the sheets to create a 2-D art piece. So cool!!!

I posted I Know That Look because I enjoy Mitch’s work, but also because I like a question that he has posed on his webpage. Mitch asks, “Can we really create something wholly unique?” He wonders whether or not we can really separate ourselves from that which we have experienced in our environment to create art that is truly original. Mitch does not have an answer to the question. Instead, he says his “goal each time is to craft a fresh interpretation of that which moves me. An interpretation that might evolve several times throughout the process and one that could be realized by another’s senses differently, which in return gives me a fresh perspective.”

Ok Mitch, I can dig that.


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