Are Twenty-Somethings Expecting Too Much? I have posted this article as my first post because I am a twenty-something year old in Washington, DC that…well, probably expects too much. I want a job that is personally satisfying and has an impact beyond my bank account. A job that requires me to be creative and is challenging, engaging, social……  I know that I can’t have it all right away and right now, but maybe if I shoot for the moon I will land among the stars, right?

While we twenty-somethings have high expectations, Hannah Seligson says that we are unable to make decisions because we are so afraid to make a wrong choice.  I completely agree; decisions often paralyze me.  However, this past August I stepped outside of my comfort zone and made the unusual decision to enroll in a course on Cultural Leadership within American University’s Arts Management Program. I say unusual because Arts Management appears to be a severe deviation from my past studies in international relations and business administration. (I am sure my parents were making faces on the other side of the phone when explained.) I chose the class to expand my knowledge and creativity. Beyond those two objectives, I had no agenda. How refreshing?!

Little did I know how valuable the past few months would be. The course has allowed me to explore the numerous intersections of my past studies and the field of arts management and helped me to formulate my goal of finding a career that utilizes my background in cross-cultural communication and business within the arts sector. I plan to use this blog to document my past studies while collecting new resources and exploring new interests that cross the world of business and the arts.

That one decision to take the arts management course has led to many more that have forced me further and further outside of my comfort zone. I feel more creative out here! I hope that you will enjoy learning about my art exploration and take part in the creativity.